Get our monkeys to Shout Out your name while working away. For $0.97 our main monkey will work your name into our facebook feed.

While one of our infinite monkeys wrote a passage from Shakespeare, another came up with a passage from Romans, specifically 13:10 - "Love does no harm to a neighbour".

In honour of that cheeky monkey, who went out and loved his direct neighbour monkey, we are discounting all of his bananas until the end of April!

The first banana in any order will be 13% off, the next four will be 10% off.


Only an astonishing $9.99 per monkeybanana!!!

An original, hand-crafted, insanely beneficial monkeybanana for $9.99 plus shipping & handling delivered to a door (or mailbox).

Choose your banana design, then add a message (either your own, or choose one our monkeys came up with. Fill out the form, give one of our monkeys some money and sit back and enjoy.

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