Getting you the banana you deserve. is Canada's premium source for sending that monkey in your life a banana. Kind of like a Banana-gram, but more yellow. And a lot easier. It can even be a completely anonymous banana. Bananonymous, so to speak.

At, we employ the principle of the infinite monkey typewriters. Only we use bananas. Why? Because that's what bananas are for. If you can't send someone your message on a banana, why send a message at all?

We'll choose the banana for you; we'll provide you with a random message, or you choose one of our totally banana-notes, or we'll write your very own insane message. Within reason, of course. Then we'll ask Canada Post to mail you (or your chosen monkey) your very own hand-selected banana from a real Canadian store. Depending on where in the country you are, it may even arrive fresh and not entirely squished.

Banana Mailing Service.

Premium Canadian Banana Mailers.